Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Eight days to surgery...

I've been thinking about little "rewards" for my smaller milestones in weight loss.  Buying clothes won't be much of a reward since I'll need new clothes (along with wanting them)... nothing like the idea of your pants falling down at work as an incentive to shop.

I've decided I will spoil myself a present for 10, 25, 50 pounds lost. At the 10 pound point, I will buy myself a small piece of REAL jewelry for under $50.  25 pounds will merit a $100 jewelry purchase and the 50 pound marker will be a $200 purchase.

I'm stopping purchases at 50 pounds because if that's all I lose after surgery I'm satisfied with that.  Now, if I ever hit the surgeon's goal weight, 100 pounds lost, I may have to buy myself something extreme- like a new car or maybe even another Bull Terrier.

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