Friday, February 24, 2012

Nearly there

Yeah, so that picture above perfectly describes the later half of this week. First half, not so much- stomach bug + liquid diet = pure happiness. 

 Today began the "clear liquids" phase, which for some reason sounds far more intimidating the a "regular" liquid diet.  People, I'm just f'ing HUNGRY!  Between not smoking and starving I'm, as always, an awesome person to be around.  Ramon is simply overjoyed at the prospect of a leisurely weekend with me.

I report to the hospital this Monday morning at 8:45AM.  I was so hoping for an earlier report time- get up, wash my ass and hit the road.  Alas, it's not to be.  Instead, I will be very politely awoke by one fat dog barking in my face and another donkey kicking me in my liver, spleen, kidney or all of the the above at the same time. 

Still not nervous outwardly, but I'm assuming SOMETHING is a bit off subconsciously.  I've had a recurring dream the past few weeks- I'm out in public in a towel that barely fits.  I struggle to adjust it to keep the boobage hidden and just randomly stroll down the street among throngs of stranger.  Different location every time too but I'm always on my way to someone's house.  I also woke up this morning to a pretty serious facial breakout.  Since I must pick, my face is pretty scary at this point.

Anyway, thank you again to everyone reading, for all your kind words and amazing support.  If you believe in it, say a little prayer for me this weekend. 

See you all on the other side...


  1. You will be fine. A great website run by a weightloss surgeon is called They have great forums with great advice and support. I go on there once or twice a day. I had the surgery 7 months ago, I'm 80 pounds lighter and don't regret it for even a minute. Best thing I ever did.

  2. I'm actually a member on Thinner Times. It's an awesome site, I recommend it to everyone.