Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tilting at Windmills

In previous posts I’ve talked about getting/being healthy and taking back my life.  That brings us to today’s topic, “Goals”.  I’m only going to talk about immediate goals, those achievable in the next 6 months. 

Ø  To be under 180 pounds for the first time in my adult life. 

Doesn’t sound like a biggie for most people, but I haven’t been that light since 7th grade.  As if 180 pounds is “light” in comparison to my height.  And yes, you read that correctly, I was 174 pounds at my annual physical back in 1990. 

Moving past that, I don’t have a specific goal weight in mind.  If I lose 100% of my excess weight that would be amazing.  If don’t, it’s not going to ruin my day. 

Ø  To start going back to the gym- EVERY DAY.  Ok, ok maybe every other day. 

There was a time that I played outside every day; swimming, roller skating, softball, sleigh riding.  Then I grew up.  And my belly grew, and my butt grew, and my legs grew.  You get the picture.

Ø  To jog a 5k with my mother and sister.

Back in grammar school, yeah when I weighed in less than 180 pounds, I ran track on the school team. I can actually run pretty well in short bursts still.  I enjoyed running, be it on the track team, for softball or even just playing Manhunt on summer nights.

Oh, and I'm going to share some pics of me through the years.  I wasn't always fat, but man I was ALWAYS built like a brick shit house.

Me and Lynn ages 2 & 4 maybe.  Shocker, look I'm eating a hot dog!

Me and my most favorite Aunt Cookie.  Age about 3.  Oh, look I'm EATING!

Me and Lynn at my cousin Willie's Christening, age 8.  Everyone ignore my freakishly long fingers.  For once, I look to be similar in weight to my sister. And hey, no food!

 And finally, Confirmation with my cousins Barbara and Jeanine.  This is me at around 180 pounds.

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